We develop and produce our own test stands on which drive systems are tested and certified to their limits and beyond.

testing to the limit

Test phase

Long-lasting performance. In our test stands we test drive systems for performance and service life. This ensures the sustainability of the drivetrain.

Test stand for helicopter main gearbox

This teststand is unique in Europe!
We have the possibility to test conventional as well as coaxial helicopter main gearboxes indoor.

Universal gear test stand & tail rotor shaft test stand

Helicopter tail gearboxes, intermediate gearboxes, automotive gearboxes and by means of adaptations - e-mobility gearboxes and engines can be tested on the universal gearbox test stand.

On the tail rotor shaft test stand, we check the tail rotor shafts of helicopters for vibrations, concentricity and stability.

Hydraulic and pump test stand

The hydraulic test bench developed by us for the aerospace and automotive industries allows us to test individual hydraulic components or even complete systems - as well as to test pumps with different oil pressures and oil temperatures precisely for dry-running capacities, leakage and endurance runs.

Fatigue limit test stand

The Fatigue Limit Test Stand is a test stand for highly-stressed drive shafts. The aim is an evaluation of the torque strength limit and the finite life limit.
Important performance parameters: 1500 Nm max. average load with a max. amplitude of +/- 500 Nm at a test frequency of approx. 6 Hz.

Brake test stand

The test stand for rotor braking systems includes a device for simulating the rotational mass of inertia. This allows the main characteristics of different rotor braking systems to be evaluated in terms of performance and endurance.

Test stand development

Do you have specific requirements for your product? For our newly developed transmission systems, we design and produce test stands which are individually adapted to test and document the performance required by our customers.