Zoerkler makes it easy ... especially when things get difficult. We also offer creative, innovative research and development services for complex transmission systems.

innovative, future-ortiented engineering

Development phase

Every revolution starts with a thought in the head: Our Research & Development Team is constantly engaged in product and process development as well as technology research and pre-development.

Based on your idea, we are able to develop drive technologies and test systems that are fundamentally different and have the potential to revolutionise the aerospace and automotive industries.


Time for innovative solutions

Use our experience! We have decades of international project practice and accompany you through all phases: from development and calculation to the production of prototypes or readiness for series production.

Do you already have concrete ideas for your new transmission system? Our engineers take their time to respond to your wishes in detail. Our team has the necessary experience and know-how to develop your new product in the shortest possible time and according to your specific requierments. 


Sense for new things

Our drive is innovation. Our research department has the task of researching, testing and developing new, revolutionary systems.

Benefit from our solution competence. We support you in the realisation of innovative ideas with which you can achieve competitive advantages in the market.


to know-how

You have a technical challenge? Our Development Department has the technical know-how and expertise to answer your questions - from individual assemblies to complete gearboxes - quickly and to the point. We carry out all calculations, simulations and documentation for your drive system.