Not only vehicles need a transmission system. A sustainable transmission system must also be ensured for industrial machines. We offer you reliable transmission elements or a transmission system that meets your requirements, specially developed for your needs.

Zoerkler is your all-in-one project partner.

individual and rapid problem solving from one supplier

All-in-One System Partner

DevelopmentWe develop in the shortest possible time and with the highest precision according to your specific needs. From the individual assembly to the complete transmission. We carry out calculations, simulations and documentation for your drive system.

PrototypingWith our machinery, we cover all stages of the production of prototypes and series production. This enables us to handle the entire manufacturing process of a complex drive system in-house. In addition, we guarantee the highest level of precision and adherence to delivery dates.

TestingWith our test benches, we test drive systems for performance and service life. In this way, the sustainability of the drive train can be ensured.

Transmission & Optimizations

Zoerkler specializes in special solutions and special constructions in the areas of drive systems and gears.

In addition to precision gears, we offer a high level of expertise in special gears:

  • Backlash-free gears
  • Ex-protection gearbox
  • Gears made of special materials
  • Gears with chemical and thermal resistance
  • Gears for clean rooms
  • Gears for robotics


  1. Increase in acceleration values
  2. Increase in torque density
  3. More precise movement transmission
  4. Increasing the load capacity of the drive bearing
  5. Increase in power-to-weight ratio

Plant Construction & Automation

for efficient production

Efficiency is the highest priority in production companies. With our high-quality drive components, fail-safe operation is no longer unachievable. We manufacture and test your parts in-house and, because of that, ensure the quality for you.

Agricultural Machinery & Special Vehicles

durable and long lasting

Whether dusty fields, rough terrain or damp forests. Our drive systems defy all odds and ensure lasting performance. Our all-in-one solutions are suitable for all applications with special requirements.

Construction Machinery

All eventualities covered

Heavy equipment needs a powerful, stable drive. The conditions are rough. With our drive systems specially adapted to you, we meet the torque and load requirements you need.


sustainable drive systems

Our drives are powerful and reliable. Not only on land, but also in the water. Our designers adapt the drives to all conditions and design a drive for you to ensure not only safe but also sustainable operation.