Zoerkler stands for precision. We convice through precise manufacturing techniques and compliance with the smallest tolerances for complex drive elements.

high-precision and state-of-the-art 

Production phase

Industry 4.0 - from prototype to series production

Whether it is a gear wheel, a bevel gear or a complex transmission system: We are your all-in-one contact from material procurement until delivery of tested & certified series transmission systems.

With our machinery, we cover all stages of prototype and series production. This enables us to handle the entire manufacturing process of a complex transmission system in-house. In addition, we guarantee the highest precision and adherence to delivery dates.


Short ways for highest quality

Short communication channels between development and production departments facilitate and accelerate the development process. This enables our production specialists to manufacture your prototypes quickly and with the highest precision.

Series production

Fast, reliable delivery

Once the test phase and certification have been successfully completed, the aim is to ensure a short-term start to series production with maximum adherence to delivery dates. You will benefit from our high level of process know-how - and a production that is geared to mass producing even complex high-performance transmission systems in reliable quality with all necessary documentation.