ALL-IN-ONE System Partner

Your All-in-One System Partner for Gearboxes and Transmissions Systems

All major developments have startet small. With courageous ideas that were optimised with the right partners until they were ready for the martket.

Zoerkler Gears is your reliable development partner for industrial companies. Why Zoerkler? Because we guarantee an all-in-one process: We develop complete transmission systems, offer innovative system solutions for all your technical requirements and also take responsibility for them. You deliver the idea or requirement. We deliver the finished drive system!

From the first draft to series production. We carry out every production step and measure your final product 100%. After the final quality check, the drivetrain is assembled and tested for performance and durability under real conditions. Series production of your transmission system only starts once certification has been successfully completed.

For all phases of your project. Every project has specific requirements. We have more than 100 years of experience - both in drive technology and project management - and are your flexible, reliable partner in all phases involving development, manufacturing, assembly and testing processes

Success comes to those who can rely on their partners. With our four service areas we are by your side in every project phase - from the development to certified series production.

Convice yourself of our high level of technical expertise and our willingness to think thorougly about the specific requirements and framework conditions of your project:

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