High-ranking visitor in Jois


During his visit to Jois, Dr. Andrei Plotnikov, the new Head of the Russian Federation´s Trade Mission in the Republic of Austria could get a first impression of our company´s production and testing center. 

Together with Iaroslav Shishkin, the representative of the Russian State Corporation ROSTEC in Austria, which supports the development, production as well as the export of industrial high-tech products, Mr. Plotnikov visited our facility to learn more about the company and the newly developed drive train for the Russian civil helicopter Ka-62.

The CEO of Zoerkler, Bernhard Wagner, gave a guided tour through the state-of-the-art machine park, provided insight into the different manufacturing and development processes, and presented the team´s know-how and the high technical expertise.

In these extensive production halls the development, production and testing of the complete drive system for the civilian Russian helicopter Ka-62 is performed. From concept to design, up to production, assembly and testing, everything is covered in-house.

We highly appreciate the interest shown and look forward to future cooperation.

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