Perfection is what we are striving for. We fulfil high quality and precision expectations on schedule. Zoerkler is a reliable partner for its customers.

Our machinery complies with the highest international standards. An air-conditioned measuring room and CNC-controlled measuring machines and production systems are only a few examples for the modern high-tech equipment with which we create the competitive edge from which you benefit as a customer and partner.

For instance, we produce state-of-the-art drive technologies for railway vehicles which guarantee the highest security against the background of steadily increasing transport volumes and increasing travel speeds.

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Zoerkler Gears GmbH & Co KG | Friedrich Zoerkler Strasse 1 | 7093 Jois | Austria
Phone +43 2160 20400 | Fax +43 2160 20400-99 | office@zoerkler.at