Zoerkler Gears GmbH & Co KG is overall winner of the Innovation Award Burgenland 2017!

We are happy to announce that Zoerkler has been awarded the Innovation Award Burgenland 2017 for the project of development, production and testing of the complete drive system for the Russian Helicopter Ka-62.

The design of this drive system distinguishes from conventional systems by its innovative characteristics. The transmission is substantially flatter than usual transmissions, which means that even after alightning on water all 17 people in the helicopter can get out of the cabin without problems. This is not possible with conventional systems. The oil system is completely integrated into the housing of the transmission, which makes it a very failsafe drive system. Additionally, the precision of the complete system is a substantial characteristic of this new development.


This award is a great honour for us and we wish to express our thankfulness to Wirtschaft Burgenland GmbH, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Unicredit Bank Austria AG, Governor of Burgenland Hans Niessl and Member of the Provincial Government Alexander Petschnig.


We express our special gratitude to our staff members, who enabled the achievement of this success with high commitment and know-how and to our long-term partners Raiffeisenlandesbank Burgenland, Sparkasse Hainburg-Bruck-Neusiedl AG and TWP tax consultancy. Without their support it would not be possible to realize such a project.


Picture: (c) Roman Huditsch / Wirtschaft Burgenland GmbH - WiBuG




Nomination for the Innovation Award

Zoerkler's innovative project: Development, production and testing of a complete drive system for Ka-62 helicopter


This new development by Zoerkler is the first transmission system for a manned helicopter which has been completely developed and produced in Austria. Hence, the project is part of the Austrian aviation history.


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First Flight KA62

On April, 28th 2016  the Ka-62 Helicopter successfully made his first flight. The whole transmission system is developed, produced and tested by Zoerkler.





Erweiterung der Helikoptergetriebe-Prüfstände

Neues Projekt von Zoerkler:


Multi-Load-Sim (MLS) - Simulation multidirektionaler Belastungen an einem Heckrotorgetriebe inkl. Integration in einen bestehenden Prüfstand

Im Zuge einer Unternehmenserweiterung im Jahr 2015 entstand bei Zoerkler ein eigenes Prüfstandzentrum für das Testen von Helikopter- und Automobilgetrieben. Diese Prüfstände sollen nun im Rahmen eines geförderten Projektes ausgebaut werden. Das Ziel dieses Projektes ist die Erweiterung des bei Zoerkler bestehenden Helikopter-Heckgetriebe-Prüfstandes, wodurch die während des Flugbetriebes auftretenden Lasten am Heckrotorgetriebe des Helikopters realitätsgetreu am Prüfstand simuliert werden können. Durch diese Art der Testdurchführung wird die Flugsicherheit enorm erhöht. Fertigstellung des Projektes ist für Ende Mai 2017 geplant.


Dieses Projekt wird durch Mittel von Bund und Land gefördert.




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